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Welcome to Proxi Bluetooth Marketing, your all inclusive marketing resource for your business.

Learn more about Proximity marketing, Bluetooth marketing, cell phone marketing and business marketing in general. Check out our blog posts relating to unique marketing opportunities. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to gain more customers while saving the most money.

What is Bluetooth Marketing?

Bluetooth marketing is a form of proximity marketing utilizing Bluetooth technology to deliver messages.

What is proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing is also known as location based marketing, geo-marketing, or hyper local marketing.

Location based marketing relies on a customer having the proper technology to receive the message and be in a precise location.

Why are businesses seeing so much success from Proximity marketing campaigns?

  • Costs of proximity marketing campaigns are much lower than traditional print, media or other ad campaigns.
  • Geo-marketing allows businesses to target local customers only. Customers can be impulsive. Sending an advertisement to a potential customers mobile device while they are in the area of your location can spark interest enough for them to stop in and try your product or service.
  • Some forms of proximity marketing allow businesses to collect customer data. This is helpful for creating mailing lists or sending surveys to your current clientele.


Types of proximity marketing:

  • Bluetooth based marketing: Businesses can use beacons that transmit messages to customers smart phones. This is a great way to send messages to customers without a Wi-Fi or internet connection. And most beacons have a long battery life eliminating the need for electricity. These beacons are small and can be placed almost anywhere.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot based marketing: If a customer logs on to your company Wi-Fi they are agreeing to receive promotions or advertisements through the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Geofencing based marketing: This location based marketing tool is often used by major retailers to send ads to customers within a targeted location.


People are constantly on their smart phones. Proximity marketing is a low cost way to keep up with customers behavior and trends. Consumer spending behavior is adapting to mostly online. Give your business the advantage you need by adding some tech to your marketing plan.

Check out our page dedicated to business owners.  We review different proximity marketing companies and help you choose the right fit for your company.